Sep 22, 2020  
2020-21 Graduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Graduate Bulletin

Family Nurse Practitioner, M.S.N.

Program Outcomes

  • Synthesize nursing science with knowledge from other disciplines as the basis for the advanced level of nursing practice.
  • Evaluate effective strategies for managing the ethical and legal dilemmas inherent in patient care, the health care organization and research.
  • Employ effective communication and collaborative skills in interdisciplinary teams for creating change in health care.
  • Analyze concepts of health promotion and culturally competent care across the lifespan.
  • Assume responsibility for the use of health care information systems and patient care technology to improve patient outcomes.
  • Demonstrate leadership and accountability in the development and implementation of health care policy.
  • Critically appraise existing literature from nursing and other disciplines to determine and implement the best evidence for practice.
  • Advocate for the advanced practice role within the policy related to access and health care communities.
  • Value continuing competence, growth and development in the profession.