May 28, 2022  
2020-21 Graduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Graduate Bulletin Archived

Agriculture, M.S.

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The Master of Science in agriculture at SFA is a professional degree. Students can concentrate in an area of specialization using course selection and the thesis option, or the degree can be more general in course selection. Students can develop a degree plan that can lead to further graduate study. The program is constructed to meet the needs of the part-time student as well as the full-time student. Courses are offered in a two-year sequence.

Admission Classification

  • Clear Admission, 2.8 overall GPA or higher
  • Probationary Admission, 2.5 to 2.8 overall GPA
  • If GPA is less than 2.5, GRE scores and/or work experience will be considered
  • GRE not required unless it is being used as alternative admission criteria

Non-Agriculture Baccalaureate Degrees

Students with a baccalaureate degree in a major other than agriculture my accomplish a career change and/or improve employability by obtaining the M.S. in agriculture.

Students with a B.S. in related sciences and agriculture minor or significant coursework in agriculture may need no additional undergraduate coursework in agriculture.

Students with no undergraduate work in agriculture are evaluated on an individual basis. Typically these students take six to eight hours each of introductory level biology and chemistry along with 18 to 21 hours of undergraduate agriculture, including ANS 333 - Animal Nutrition; AGN 331 - Soil Science; and AEC 451 - Farm Management.

M.S. Options

Thesis Option

This 30-hour option is recommended for students planning further graduate study. It also may be helpful for students wanting to develop in-depth understanding of complex agricultural sciences or technical applications.

  • 3 hours of statistics selected from FORS 5317  or STAT 5340  or similar course
  • 6 hours of AGRI 5190  -Thesis
  • 12 hours selected from agriculture core courses
  • 9 hours of graduate electives, as advised
  • Thesis option students must register for AGRI 5190  each semester university resources are being utilized, including the semester of graduation. See thesis preparation and enrollment  (one hour or three hours).

Non-Thesis Option

This 36-hour option is recommended for the part-time student or the student wanting to improve employment options with more technical training.

  • 3 hours of statistics selected from FORS 5317  or STAT 5340  or similar course
  • 15 hours selected from agriculture core courses
  • 21 hours of graduate electives, as advised
  • Students must pass a written and oral comprehensive exam.

Core Course Sequence


Some courses are offered at both the 400- and 500-level, with both courses reflecting the same title. The 400-level courses were designed to meet bachelor degree requirements. The 500-level equivalent courses can be used to meet graduate degree requirements if the student does additional study and work, which is deemed graduate-level experience by the instructor. If taken at the 400-level, student’s cannot repeat the course at the 500-level for graduate credit. These courses do not meet agriculture core requirements.

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