May 28, 2022  
2020-21 Graduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Graduate Bulletin Archived

Accounting, M.P.A.C. (Stand-Alone)

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Degree Requirements

A student may complete the standard 5-year program requirements or choose to pursue the Forensic Accounting and Analytics concentration.

Accounting, Major (Stand-Alone)  

Admission Requirements

A student must apply for admission and be admitted to the M.P.Acy. program and Graduate School no later than the semester prior to the first semester of enrolling in any 500-level course. To receive clear admission to the Graduate School, requirements include:

  • a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 2.50 with a 2.80 on the last 60 hours
  • 3.50 or higher overall undergraduate GPA, including all transfer work (no GMAT score required); or overall undergraduate GPA x 200 + GMAT score = 950 or higher
  • and file a formal application for admission to the Graduate School.

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