May 27, 2020  
2018-19 Graduate Bulletin 
2018-19 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Elementary Education, All-level Professional Reading Specialist Certification, M.Ed.

This program is designed to provide specialized preparation essential for helping individuals with reading disabilities. It is intended to prepare a teacher to devote full time to developmental, corrective or remedial work at PK-12 level. It may serve as part of the preparation of reading supervisors, reading clinicians or reading consultants. An integral component of this master’s degree plan is the Master Reading Teacher program that leads to the specific certification for Master Reading Teachers. Also, included in this 36-hour plan is the option to add elementary core, ESL or bilingual certification, early childhood or post-baccalaureate initial certification courses or thesis. The PBIC course option is not available to certified teachers.

The standards established by the International Reading Association for the Reading Education Professional and by the Texas Education Agency for the Professional Reading Specialist Certificate are used as guidelines for the design of the Professional Reading Specialist Program. A person must not only complete the program but also hold two years of teaching service in a public or approved private school and pass the TExES exam for reading specialists.