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2021-22 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-22 Graduate Bulletin Archived

English, MA

In pursuing the MA, students may select from two tracks of study: a traditional literature track or a track in creative writing. Students in the literature track start with a balanced foundation of courses in American, British and world literature, and then choose English electives to suit their needs. Students in the literature track can elect to do a thesis or take comprehensive exams. The track in creative writing requires coursework (12 hours) in creative writing and a creative thesis.

Hours requirements for the thesis and nonthesis options are as follows:

  1. 36-hours for nonthesis option
  2. 36-hours for thesis option, including six hours total for  ENGL 5389 - Thesis Research  and ENGL 5190 - Thesis Writing  

Students will consult with the coordinator of English graduate studies to determine which option best suits their needs and goals.

During their first year of graduate study, all students are required to take ENGL 5302 - Bibliography and Research Methods  and ENGL 5385 - Literary Criticism . Beyond these requirements, each student develops a plan of study in consultation with the coordinator of English graduate studies, who will help in matching departmental standards and strengths with the student’s particular interests and abilities.

No minor or electives outside of English are permitted in the thesis program; in the non-thesis program, a student may, with the approval of the coordinator of English graduate studies, take from three to six hours outside the Department of English and Creative Writing  provided these courses develop a concentration in another related subject of study.

For additional information about the program and its requirements, visit sfasu.edu/english.

Additional Requirements for the Master’s Degree in English

All graduate students working toward the Master of Arts in English must fulfill an additional requirement by presenting two years of undergraduate credit in a foreign language or by passing a reading examination in an ancient, classical or modern foreign language.

To fulfill the university requirement of a final comprehensive examination for a master’s degree, a student must either pass a departmentally administered, nine-hour comprehensive examination or publicly defend a thesis.