Mar 30, 2020  
2019-20 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-20 Undergraduate Bulletin

Criminal Justice, B.A.

Students who major in criminal justice may choose the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science. The B.A. requires 36 semester hours of coursework that includes a minimum of 30 advanced (300 and/or 400 level) criminal justice credit hours. All majors are advised to choose elective courses related to specific career interests in their chosen field of criminal justice.

In addition to the requirements for the criminal justice major, students must complete the required university and college core requirements. As of fall 2016, those requirements include an approved minor consisting of 18 to 24 credit hours from any academic program offering a minor course of study.

All criminal justice courses must have a reported grade of a C or better to be credited toward the major.

1. University Core Curriculum Requirements

A. Communication

B. Mathematics

C. Life and Physical Sciences

D. Language, Philosophy and Culture

E. Creative Arts

F. American History

G. Government/Political Science

H. Social and Behavioral Sciences

I. Component Area Option

2. Foundation of Knowledge

See College of Liberal and Applied Arts Bachelor of Arts for Liberal and Applied Arts, B.A.  requirements for Foundation of Knowledge course listing. Course selections specific to major to be discussed with advisor.

3. Program Courses

4. Additional Degree Requirements

See College of Liberal and Applied Arts Bachelor of Arts for Liberal and Applied Arts, B.A.  requirements for additional degree requirements. To be discussed with advisor.

5. Hours needed to total 120

To be discussed with advisor.

6. Additional Major in Criminal Justice

If a student wishes to complete an additional major in criminal justice, the course requirements for the additional major will be the same as if criminal justice was the student’s primary major. The student’s core requirements will depend upon the requirements for the primary major.

In order for a student to receive credit for the additional major on her/his transcript, she/he must specifically request that transcript credit from the registrar’s office at the time that she/he files for graduation.

Grade Requirements

  • A grade of at least C in each freshman English course (ENG 131 , ENG 132 )
  • A C average in work completed in the major field
  • A C average in work completed in the minor field

The required averages are based on those SFA courses taken in each category that are included in the student’s official degree plan (CAPP).  Transfer and advanced placement coursework are not included in GPA calculations.

Texas Success Initiative Program

All students must satisfy provisions of the Texas Success Initiative program.  See TSI information  elsewhere in this bulletin.