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2022-23 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-23 Undergraduate Bulletin ARCHIVED

Pre-Law, Minor

Law schools accept all accredited baccalaureate degrees with any major and minor in specific academic areas. Thus, pre-law students may choose any major or minor as they see fit. However, the American Bar Association has identified core legal skills pre-law students are advised to develop in their undergraduate studies to be successful in law school. Among these are analytical, writing, critical reading, oral communication and general research skills.

The Department of Government  has designed the pre-law minor as a separate course of study within the political science major to help pre-law students develop and master these skills by exposing them to the foundation of legal writing, analysis and research, as well as preparing them to better understand how the law influences politics, social institutions and ethics in America.

Required Course

American Constitutional Law Option

Three hours from:

Pre-Law Electives

NOTE:  Courses not listed may be approved for elective credit by the pre-law minor advisor.

Nine hours from:

Total hours: 18