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2022-23 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-23 Undergraduate Bulletin ARCHIVED

Private Security and Asset Protection, Minor

Worldwide trends and technological innovations continue to suggest the importance of hiring qualified security personnel, and even back office staff, who understand not only how private and corporate security work, but also realize the importance of asset protection. Private security service revenue growth is being driven by heightened security concerns stemming from a large number of crimes, such as human trafficking, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks, school shootings, workplace violence, etc. 

The private security and asset protection minor is designed to prepare students and professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in both criminal justice and ancillary, related fields in both the public and private sector. The target audience of this new program would include professionals already working in the private security industry and in loss prevention (e.g., security consultants, asset protection specialists, private investigators, risk managers, loss prevention employees); students who are not able to enter traditional law enforcement jobs due to physical limitations or blemishes on their criminal records; students who wish to have other options in careers adjuvant to criminal justice; students matriculating from two-year institutions with a specific interest in loss prevention/security/asset protection and students or working professionals who would like to show “proof” of marketable skills via certification in private security and asset protection. Students pursuing this minor also will meet the requirements for the Private Security and Asset Protection Certificate .

Program Courses

Required Courses

Minimum Total Hours: 21