May 25, 2022  
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin Archived

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Lesa L. Beverly, chair
Bush Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 302
Phone: (936) 468-3805
Fax: (936) 468-1669
P.O. Box 13040, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962


Matthew Beauregard, Jeremy Becnel, Lesa L. Beverly, Kimberly M. Childs, William D. Clark, Roy Joe Harris, Keith E. Hubbard, Thomas W. Judson, Gregory K. Miller, Deborah A. Pace, Kent Riggs, Sarah T. Stovall

Associate Professors
Brian Beavers, Lynn Greenleaf, Robert K. Henderson, Jane H. Long, Nicholas Long, Jonathan L. Mitchell, Clint Richardson

Assistant Professors
Brittney Falahola, Ryan Jensen, Jacob Turner

Chance Bradford, Brooke Busbee, Michelle Cook, Lorna W. DeSha, Angela Dixon, Hilary P. Dosser, Cheryl Janusa, Danielle Johnson, Robert Payne, Stacia Prince, Marissa Rotenberry, Anali Segura, John B. Sullivan, Robin Sullivan


Specific roles of the department are to provide an engaging and relevant curriculum that prepares students who are:

  • planning a career in business and industry that requires a strong foundation in mathematics or statistics
  • pursuing a major in a partner discipline but who need mathematics or statistics as a tool or to satisfy general degree requirements
  • planning to pursue a graduate degree in mathematical sciences
  • or planning to teach in colleges, universities, and public or private schools.

Student Scholarships and Financial Aid

Several undergraduate scholarships are available to promising mathematics students in memory of Dr. C.E. Ferguson and Jasper E. Adams, both former chairs, and Jason Balusek, former graduate student of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at SFA. An additional award is available in honor of Joseph G. McWilliams, a former professor in the department. The Alexander, Clark, Hurd, Neel, Pruitt, and Pinson scholarships also are available to qualified students. Applications are available through the SFA Alumni Association.

The department offers additional scholarships based entirely on academic excellence. Eligible students are those with a major or minor in mathematics or statistics and those seeking teacher certification with a specialization in mathematics. Information on applying is available online.

Part-time employment is available for mathematics majors and minors who have completed designated courses with good academic records.

Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Program

Those interested in the graduate program in mathematics and/or statistics should consult the Graduate Bulletin.