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2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin Archived

Music, All-Level (Grades 1-12) Instrumental/Keyboard Certification, B.M.

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Curriculum (133 hours)

1. Core Curriculum Requirements (42 hours)

A. Communication/Component Area Option (12 hours)

B. Mathematics (three hours)

C. Life and Physical Science (six hours)

Select two from the following 3-hour courses:

D. Language, Philosophy and Culture (three hours)

E. Creative Arts (three hours):

Three hours from:

H. Social and Behavioral Sciences (three hours)

2. Major Requirements:

Seventy credit hours of music are required. Programs require a minimum of 42 hours in-residence (on campus), of which 36 hours must be advanced (300-400 level).

C. Major Applied Medium

Eight hours of MUP 119  and six hours of MUP 319  to attain a proficiency level necessary to meet the graduation recital requirement. MUP 495  is required.

E. Class Piano:

F. Recital Attendance

Seven semesters of MUP 100.001 and subsequent semesters of MUP 100.002

G. Major Ensemble and Additional Requirements:

Instrumental/Keyboard Concentration:

Seven different semesters, excluding the student-teaching semester; wind and percussion majors must choose from MUP 135 /MUP 335  and MUP 136 /MUP 336  and have either four semesters of MUP 135 /MUP 335  and three semesters of MUP 136 /MUP 336  or three semesters of MUP 135 /MUP 335  and four semesters MUP 136 /MUP 336 ; string majors must register for MUP 134 /MUP 334 . Also, MHL 455 ; (string majors substitute MHL 474 ); MUP 457 ; MUP 301 , MUP 302 , MUP 303 , MUP 304 , MUP 305 , MUP 307 .

Choral/Keyboard Concentration:

Seven different semesters, excluding the student-teaching semester, of MUP 133 /MUP 333 . Also, MHL 452 MUP 456 ; four hours of MUP 370  (diction); MUP 464 .

Elementary Concentration:

Seven different semesters, excluding the student-teaching semester, from MUP 133 /MUP 333  (if voice), MUP 134 /MUP 334  (if strings), MUP 135 /MUP 335  and/or MUP 136 /MUP 336  (as in Instrumental Concentration above, if instrumental). Also, MHL 355 , MHL 471 ; MHL 452  or MHL 455 ; three hours from MTC 462 , MTC 463  or MUP 456  , MUP 457 , MUP 464 .

3. One Recital:

  • Credit(s): 0 (a half recital in the senior year) in the major applied performance field is required.

4. A minimum grade

Of C is required for the following courses in all degree programs:

5. Professional Certification

Component of 18 hours is required for all certification programs. This includes successful completion of the TExES Music Content Exam as a pre-requisite to student teaching (usually completed during the internship semester).

6. Enough additional music electives to total 133 degree hours.

7. A grade

Of at least C in each freshman English course, a C average at SFA, a C average in work completed in the major and minor fields, considered separately at SFA. These required averages are based on those courses in each category that are included in the student’s official degree plan.

8. All students

Must satisfy provisions of the Texas Success Initiative program. See TSI information elsewhere in this bulletin.


For Certification requirements, see College of Education , Teacher Certification section of this bulletin.

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