Aug 12, 2020  
2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Pre-Social Work

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Students who wish to major in social work will first be admitted to pre-practice social work classes. Students will remain in the pre-practice status until they meet the requirements for acceptance into social work practice classes. This policy applies to new freshmen, transfer students and students changing their major to social work.

In order to enroll in social work practice classes, students must:

  1. have a 2.25 GPA overall in courses taken at SFA
  2. have completed SWK 215 , SWK 225  and SWK 300  with a grade of C or higher in each
  3. have completed the human biology (BIO 121 , BIO 123  or BIO 238 ) requirement with a grade of C or higher
  4. have completed ENG 131  and ENG 132  with a grade of C or higher in each
  5. have completed the math requirement (MTH 110  or higher)
  6. and have nine or less hours of core curriculum requirements remaining to complete.

Students who have not been admitted to practice classes will not be permitted to file an official degree plan. Additionally, students interested in social work should review the statement below.

Criminal History Evaluation in Texas

The purpose of the criminal history evaluation is to establish procedures to evaluate, upon request, the criminal history of potential applicants to determine if they are ineligible to hold a license for health professions that include social workers.

In accordance with Occupations Code, §53.102, as required by House Bill 963, the board is required, if requested in writing and accompanied by a $50 fee, to perform licensure evaluations for prospective applicants who have a criminal history. This process requires that an individual who has a criminal history present all related information to the board, board staff or appropriate board committee in order to obtain a written predetermination of whether the existing criminal history would bar the individual from becoming licensed, if all other minimum requirements are met in the future and there has been no subsequent changes related to criminal history or fitness for licensure. More information can be obtained online.

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