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2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin Archived

Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, B.S.

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Definition of the Major

Students wishing to choose a major in biology should consult with members of the department faculty early in their university career. Because the department includes a number of biological disciplines, no single curriculum can be listed for all majors. All students majoring in biology are required to take a 20-credit-hour life science core consisting of BIO 125 , BIO 130 , BIO 131 , BIO 133 , BIO 341  and BIO 470 . Each student is strongly encouraged to work closely with a departmental advisor to design the program best suited to the interests and goals of the student.

While completing a common core of courses taken by all majors, students must select from the following degree tracks: botany, cell and molecular biology, or ecology and evolutionary biology. The list of required courses within each degree track is listed under the heading Degree Tracks.

A minimum of 40 semester hours of biology, including the core curriculum, with 15 hours in advanced courses is required for a B.S. with a major in biology. Biology majors also must satisfy all the requirements of the B.S. for the College of Sciences and Mathematics  outlined earlier in the bulletin.

Students who major in biology must complete the following requirements:

Each student also is required to complete a minor of 18 to 24 semester hours in a single discipline. At least six hours in the minor must be in advanced-level courses at SFA. Biology majors may choose a combined-sciences minor consisting of CHE 133 /CHE 133L , CHE 134 /CHE 134L ; eight hours from GOL 131 /GOL 131L , GOL 132 /GOL 132L  or PHY 131 /PHY 131L , PHY 132 /PHY 132L ; plus six advanced hours from CHE, GOL or PHY. Biology majors contemplating graduate work are advised to elect a minor in a selected science or in mathematics.

Degree Tracks (minimum 20 hours each)

In addition to the core, biology majors are required to select from one of the degree tracks listed below. BIO 300 , BIO 471 , and BIO 472  also may fulfill requirements for a degree track if the topic is deemed appropriate by the instructor and the department chair. Consult with a faculty advisor for assistance. Remember, a minimum of 40 semester hours (15 of which are advanced) of biology is required to complete the major.

Curriculum Requirements

Three to four hours of physiology:

Three to four hours of organismal biology:

Three hours from:

Biology Electives:

Nine to 11 hours selected in consultation with an advisor

The Graduate Major and Minor

The biology department offers a graduate program for students who plan to work toward the master’s degree. For detailed information concerning the graduate major and minor programs in the biology department, refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

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