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2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin Archived

Theatre, Stage Management, B.F.A.

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in theatre is a pre-professional program designed to prepare the student for entry into the theatre profession or for advanced study. Admission and screening procedures for the B.F.A. program normally take place during the spring of the sophomore year. Transfer students will be screened and admitted by the same process in their first semester.

Each student in the program is subject to an annual review procedure that is required to continue in the program. Jury critiques may be required for the following performance courses: DRAM 1351 , DRAM 2336 , DRAM 3321 , DRAM 4120 , DRAM 4321 , DRAM 4224 , DRAM 4327 , DRAM 4328 . Jury projects are conducted during the final two weeks of a semester for the purpose of assisting the student in her/his overall development of professional skills.

1. University Core Curriculum Requirements

A. Communication

B. Mathematics

C. Life and Physical Sciences

D. Language, Philosophy and Culture

E. Creative Arts

F. American History

G. Government/Political Science

H. Social and Behavioral Sciences

I. Component Area Option

Curriculum (123-124 hours)

2. The B.F.A. in theatre has three concentrations:

Stage management, technical theatre and design, and acting and directing. These have slightly different curricular requirements. Consult your advisor for specific information.

3. Advanced work

(courses numbered 300-499 inclusive), (36 or more hours). At least 36 hours at SFA.

4. A minimum of 42 semester hours

residence (SFA campus) work.

5. The B.F.A. requires 81 to 82 hours

of coursework, including a professional internship or equivalent (not to exceed 19 hours of credit). Must include 18 advanced hours, at least 14 of which must be completed in residence. Grades of C or better in DRAM 1362 , DRAM 4360  and DRAM 4361 .

A. Theatre Core: (33 hours)

Two hours from:

Two hours from:

Six hours from:

One hour from:

Three hours from:

One hour from:

B. Production: (7- 9 hours)

Tech/design and stage management students:

  • Five hours of production lab (two to three hours of DRAM 1120  and two to three hours of DRAM 2120 ) are required
  • and four hours from DRAM 4150  (one to six hours) and THR 425 (three to six hours).

Incoming freshmen (declared majors) are required to complete five semesters of production lab. Transfer students are required to complete four semesters of production lab.

Acting/directing students:

  • Three hours of production lab (one to two hours of DRAM 1120  and one to two hours of DRAM 2120 ) are required, and four hours from DRAM 4325  (three to six hours) and DRAM 4150  (one to six hours).

C. Electives: (18-23 hours)

Tech/design students:

Acting/directing students:

Stage management students:

6. Enough additional hours to total 123 to 124

7. A grade of at least C

in each freshman English course, a C average at SFA, a C average in work completed in the major and minor fields, considered separately, at SFA. These required averages are based on those courses in each category that are included in the student’s official degree plan.

8. All students must satisfy provisions

of the Texas Success Initiative program. See TSI information  elsewhere in this bulletin.

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