Jun 30, 2022  
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin Archived

Latin American Studies, Minor

Jose Neftali Recinos, coordinator
Dugas Liberal Arts North, Room 233
Phone: (936) 468-2067
Fax: (936) 468-2033
Email: recinosjn@sfasu.edu
Web: sfasu.edu/oidp

Advisory Committee
Neill Armstrong (secondary education and educational leadership), Leslie Cecil (anthropology), Wilma Cordova (social work), Piero Fenci (art), Charles Jones (art), Daniel G. Scognamillo (forestry), Jeana Paul-Ureña (languages, cultures and communication), Juan Carlos Ureña (languages, cultures and communication)


The minor in Latin-American studies allows students to become acquainted with Latin America through a variety of disciplines. This unique view will enable them to understand how the countries in this region have both strong similarities and striking differences. SFA’s program in Latin-American studies combines several academic disciplines including art, dance, geography, history, literature, modern languages and political science. By combining complementary approaches to important issues, LAS provides students with the skills necessary to approach Latin-American topics from the broadest possible perspective and comprehend today’s complex issues.

Minor in Latin American Studies (18 Hours)

In order to fulfill the requirements for Latin-American studies minor, students are required to complete the following: