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2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin Archived

General Agriculture, B.S.A.G.

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Areas of study for the General Agriculture major include:


The area of agribusiness involves the manufacture and distribution of agricultural supplies; production operations on the farm; and the storage, processing and distribution of farm commodities. The study of agribusiness focuses on integrating technical knowledge with economic theory for decision making concerning the use of scarce productive resources to produce food and fiber for distribution to society.

Agricultural Development Production

Agricultural development production is a course of study designed to prepare the student for a career in teaching, extension or with agricultural service agencies whose purpose is to disseminate information related to the industry of agriculture. Special emphasis will be placed on communication skills and effective teaching strategies.

Agricultural Engineering Technology

Agricultural machinery is a course of study designed to prepare the student for a career in the management of agricultural systems, including the design and marketing of agricultural machinery, agricultural structures and agricultural environments.

Agricultural Engineering Technology Teaching

Animal Science

The field of animal science provides exciting and challenging opportunities for graduates desiring to pursue careers in animal production, animal health or health services, feed formulation and manufacturing, processing/further processing and the marketing of animals and animal products. Specialty areas include beef cattle science, poultry science, swine production, equine science and pre-veterinary medicine.

Equine Science


Horticulture is the science, business and art of growing and marketing fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. Horticulture includes site planning and preparation, seed and vegetative propagation, plant growth and development, harvest, distribution, marketing, utilization and human issues associated with a wide diversity of crops for nutrition, beauty and utility. An emphasis in turfgrass is available as a part of the major in horticulture.

Poultry Science

Poultry science is a course of study designed to prepare the student for a challenging career in the poultry industry. The curriculum includes all aspects of live production, waste management, computer technology, nutrition and product processing. Upon completion of the course requirements, a student will be prepared for entry-level management positions within the industry.


Degree Requirements

University Core Curriculum Requirements

A. Communication

B. Mathematics

For Pre-Veterinary

Three hours from:

C. Life and Physical Sciences

For Agribusiness

For Agricultural Development Production

Three hours from:

Three hours from:

For Agricultural Engineering Technology

Also for Agricultural Engineering Technology Teaching

Six hours from:

For Animal Science

Three hours from:

Three hours from:

For Equine and Poultry Science

Three hours from:

Three hours from:

For Horticulture

For Pre-Veterinary

D. Language, Philosophy and Culture

E. Creative Arts

F. American History

G. Government/Political Sciences

Six hours from:

H. Social and Behavioral Sciences

I. Component Area Option

Foundation of Knowledge

The Foundation of Knowledge coursework will be listed under each concentration.

General Agriculture Major

The General Agriculture, Major  will consist of a 19 hour core and one of the following concentrations:

  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural Development Production
  • Agricultural Engineering Technology
  • Agricultural Engineering Technoloty Teaching
  • Animal Science
  • Equine Science
  • Horticulture
  • Poultry Science
  • Pre-Veterinary

General Electives

The student may be required to complete additional elective hours to complete the degree.

Degree Total Hours: 120

Grade Requirements

  • A grade of at least C in each freshman English course (ENGL 1301 , ENGL 1302 )
  • A C average in work completed in the major field
  • A C average in work completed in the minor field

The required averages are based on those SFA courses taken in each category that are included in the student’s official degree plan (CAPP).  Transfer and advanced placement coursework are not included in GPA calculations.

Texas Success Initiative Program

All students must satisfy provisions of the Texas Success Initiative program.  See TSI information  elsewhere in this bulletin.

Degree Map

Click here for the General Agriculture, Degree Map .

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