Jun 30, 2022  
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-21 Undergraduate Bulletin Archived

Division of Multidisciplinary Programs

Joyce Johnston, director and associate dean
Ferguson Building, Room 273AA
Phone: (936) 468-6537
Fax: (936) 468-8240
P.O. Box 6082, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962
Email: mdp@sfasu.edu
Web: sfasu.edu/oidp


Joyce Johnston, Anne Collins Smith, Owen Smith

Associate Professor
Ben Dixon

Assistant Professor
Kelly Salsbery

Paul Shockley


The Division of Multidisciplinary Programs is home to a number of academic programs that encourage students to enrich their education through interdisciplinary research and exploration. The programs housed here (the B.A.A.S., B.A. in liberal studies, B.A. in philosophy, B.A. and B.S. in medical humanities, and B.S. in multidisciplinary studies) allow students the opportunity to broaden their undergraduate education and develop the ability to address complex social and cultural issues from a multifaceted perspective.

Writing-enhanced criteria: Students enrolled in the B.A.A.S., B.S.M.S., liberal studies or philosophy programs will be required to complete a set number of writing-enhanced contact hours. The required hours for each of the different degrees can be found in the degree description in the following pages. The general expectations of a writing enhanced course are as follows:

  • Students will understand that the writing process is recursive and, consequently, focuses on active revision throughout the process. To evidence the revision process for the purpose of course evaluation, students may expect to submit pre-writing exercises and/or completed, revised assignments.
  • Pre-writing assignments may include annotated bibliographies, abstracts or peer-response sessions, among other activities.
  • Students will be expected to utilize the citation style required by their program (e.g. Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.).


Pre-Professional Programs in Liberal and Applied Arts

Since the various professional schools have different requirements for entrance, pre-professional students should familiarize themselves with such requirements as quickly as possible. The pre-professional programs offered by the College of Liberal and Applied Arts are pre-law and pre-ministry.


Pre-Seminary Study
Kelly Salsbery, advisor
Boynton Building, Room 208D

The American Association of Theological Schools has issued a guide for those students planning to enter a graduate seminary. The association suggests that students take 90 semester hours, or approximately three-fourths of their college work, in the following areas: English, history, philosophy, natural sciences, social sciences, foreign language and religion. Suggested majors and minors are English, history and philosophy.


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